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Oxford Fertility

The Brief

Oxford Fertility is a leading regional fertility clinic and is part of The Fertility Partnership – a group of national and international clinics specialising in IVF, with some of the highest success rates in Europe.

We started working with Oxford Fertility in 2016 to increase brand awareness and spread the message that Oxford Fertility is the number one place for fertility treatment in the region.

Our Approach

Going through IVF and choosing where to get treatment is a long process and requires lots of careful research and validation.

To raise awareness of Oxford Fertility and generate demand among the target audience, we devised and deployed an above-the-line advertising campaign across key radio stations and local media.

We then captured people further down the funnel using a range of digital tactics such as behavioural advertising across Facebook and paid search on Google.

However, demand generation would be wasted without a compelling website, so we designed and built a new one. It was devised to educate through content, reassure through case studies and team profiles and drive attendance to open evenings – key events where Oxford Fertility could convince and convert their prospects into clients.

The Results

Three-and-a-half times uplift in enquiries during the initial period of our campaign compared to previous levels.

Open evenings consistently ‘selling out’, with frequency being doubled to cope with demand. Activity has since rolled out nationwide across other divisions of The Fertility Partnership.

What they said about us

The Team at JJ is amazing, they get who we are and what we do, and have really taken the time to understand our culture and our objectives.

We have an incredible duo who work with me on a daily basis, but we also have access into the creative guys and the rest of the JJ team who are always welcoming and friendly. The campaign worked well and we got a great response, and are in the middle of finalising creative for the next campaign which I’m sure will be just as good. Couldn’t do it without them, they’re now part of our team!

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