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The Brief

Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the big five financial institutions in the UK.

The bank came to us with a need to engage prospects and influencers at the top of the funnel who were looking for business funding and banking support.

Our Approach

The bank wanted to build and nurture key, long-term customer relationships with corporate business prospects turning over £25 million and above.

We knew the best way to reach this time poor, C-suite audience was face-to-face, so we proposed a national series of seminars. Offering insightful and relevant content discussing business, digital and the post-Brexit economy, they were all to be delivered by industry experts.

The events were held nationally targeting locations across the country with high numbers of the right business demographic. Timing is everything, and so our events were scheduled over breakfast – specifically chosen to not disrupt a full working day for the attendees.

Designed to be a platform for two-way conversation, the events were facilitated by professionals and supported by speakers who are specialists in their business areas. The briefings were followed up with a post event summary to further encourage demand generation, engage more with the attendees and drive prospects through the funnel.


The Results

The events proved to be the ideal platform for the bank to reach and meet with prospective customers and influencers.

We received excellent feedback, including comments such as “one of the best events I’ve attended.”

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