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Here’s an admission. We know that not every organisation needs us. Some will never consider using an agency, while others are satisfied that their marketing activity is where they want it to be. We’re ok with that. We will not be found wallowing in self-pity, gently weeping in the corner.

Because we’re realists – and that means we also know that brands can take agency work in-house if they feel it suits them to do so. An in-house team is an “owned” resource. Perhaps the strategic side of things has been developed in conjunction with an agency and now it’s time for the delivery to happen within your own four walls.

Isn’t that more efficient? After all, they say possession is nine tenths of the law, so having an in-house team means yours is a brand with a dedicated resource that can deliver your every need. Isn’t it?

Trumpet blowing

Sometimes things aren’t quite so simple. And having freely admitted that some organisations can manage very well without us or any other marketing agency, here’s where the case for the defence begins.

We’re a full funnel agency who can act as an extension of your team while offering a different perspective. We’ve got lots of experience across numerous sectors and industries and can bring insight, value and proven results. You can buy our services when you need them and turn them off when you don’t, choosing the skills you want depending on what your requirements are.

And we offer a lot, from an initial strategy through to creative, funnel-related deliverables and demonstrating your ROI, we’ve got expertise and we’re nice people to work with too.

There, we’ve blown our own trumpet. Maybe you’d expect us to say all that. But there’s another, practical side to things that might influence a choice between an in-house resource and an agency (and we’re not referring to budgets).

In-house team time

When you’ve got an in-house delivery team – particularly one that’s got a few people or more in it – what other things occupy their time? Training, internal meetings, other projects, HR, 1-2-1s, sick days, holidays…it all adds up.

It means that the efficiency that was the cornerstone of the logic behind having an in-house team develops a few rough edges and deadlines which are reached remarkably quickly and whizz by unforgivingly.

This is where an agency can give you a bit more wriggle room. Of course, we want well planned, briefed timelines but we also know that deadlines can be short – and that’s where we can flex the team to make them happen.

What’s your thinking?

Ultimately, you’ll have specific requirements and the decision to stay in house or go elsewhere will be based on them. There are pros and cons either way and it’s about finding the right balance for what your brand demands. The choice is yours.

But an agency like JJ can give you flexibility, cost-effectiveness, strategic support and more. We’re able to give you a view from outside your organization. One that might not be obvious when you’re completely immersed in your own brand, products and services.

You might read this and think it feels like a slightly biased view – but the intent is to at least get you thinking about your own requirements to find the best fit rather than go with the trend or norm. And if you aren’t sure, then we’d be happy to tell you what we think so you can come to a more informed decision.