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Ten years on from the launch of the first iPhone, quite a few things have changed in the world of tech. But sometimes, our assumptions are split asunder and we’re left raising our eyebrows at unexpected factoids.

The decade anniversary of the universe’s most revolutionary smartphone is the perfect, slightly tenuous hook upon which to hang five of these factoidy things.

Cash has actually become more popular

With the world becoming ever more mobile, and people using their phones for more and more daily transactions, many have predicted a certain death for cash. Yet, there are now actually more ATMs in the UK than ever before and the number of cash withdrawals in the UK has increased in the last 10 years.

Cinema has slumped but popcorn has boomed

While the number of people using the internet to catch up on TV is on the increase, visits to the big screen have been on the decline with audiences reaching their lowest level for 16 years in 2011. It’s not all doom and gloom though – at least for the popcorn industry. Sales of the snack more than doubled in the five years between 2010 and 2015.

Selfies are now more dangerous than sharks

A million selfies are taken every day and are most likely to be share on Facebook. But capturing that perfect selfie can prove to be treacherous. In 2015 there were more deaths caused by selfie-related incidents than shark attacks.

Nearly half of all Tinder users are not single

With the birth of Tinder came the birth of ‘swipe right’ and there are now 50 million active users of the app. All those singletons, having a flirt and arranging dates from the comfort of their own phones. However … statistics suggest that only 54% of Tinder users are actually single. In fact, research suggests that 30% of the app’s users are married…and that’s a lot of surreptitious swiping.

Phone boxes now save lives (and sell salads)

Once a symbol of Britishness, the red telephone box is now a rare find. There are now just 8,000 of these iconic phone boxes in the UK and the use of payphones has declined by 90% over the course of the last decade. But they’re now arguably proving to be more useful than ever. Because if you do stumble across a phonebox, it’s possible that inside you may find a defibrillator, a coffee stall or even a salad shop